Wagonwheellogo Black Angus cross beef delivered to processor
Grower: Wagon Wheel Ranch
Price: $1,755.00 ( per 900 lbs. live weight)
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We cross purebred Santa Gertrudis cows (good mothers) with a purebred Hereford bull (gentle disposition & high yield carcass); their daughters ( healthy, gentle, good mothers) are bred to a purebred Black Angus bull ( tender quality meat cuts). The resulting calves are the ones we sell to you! This cross breeding system makes the cows and calves healthier and disease resistant. Our Black Angus bull was DNA tested for tenderness, ribeye size and 10 other genetic traits. Our beef is sold to you live on the hoof. We deliver the animal to the processor for you where it is processed and aged at your cost to your specifications, then vacuum packed and flash frozen. This is the least expensive way to purchase beef! This beef is antibiotic- and hormone-free, all natural, grass fed, grass finished, free range and humanely raised on our family farm 14 miles south of Athens established in 1970. A whole carcass will fit in a 13 cubic foot chest freezer. Live weights average 800-1000 lbs. and 2 friends or relatives can divide a whole carcass in halves. To insure product quality, only calves born, raised and finished on our farm are offered for sale.